The Art of Loving

  • Duration 3h 9m 45s


Through 12 practical learning modules including videos and some hands-on exercises, you and your partner can use today and forever, you can take your relationship in an entirely new and exciting direction.

This series is all about the joy of discovering intimacy and connection with each other. We learn how to uncover the unconscious thought patterns we’ve long ago outgrown through really listening to each other. And in doing this, we begin to step into a mysterious new world of aliveness and ‘essence’. The world every one of us longs for – whether we know it or not.

No-one gives you a manual for building a successful and lasting romantic relationship. It’s hard to make it work when we’re bogged down by ‘adulting’, trying to parent, and in finding ourselves repeating the same tired old patterns. This is when society tells us our relationship has run its course. I intentionally designed my Art of Loving course to show you that it hasn’t.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn why loving is an art to be mastered.
  • Begin to understand what drives your thinking, feelings, and expectations of your partner.
  • Own your individual contribution to relationship struggles and pain.
  • Discover why your relationship is actually your best medicine to heal the pain of your childhood.
  • Discover previously ignored aspects of each other’s inner emotional landscape.
  • Learn tools to effectively handle conflict.
  • Create mutual understanding and new appreciation of each one’s individual struggles.
  • Learn ways to connect more deeply as a couple than ever before.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons3h 9m 45s

The Art of Loving

Introduction to The Art of Loving18:38
A theory of love25:27
The 4 pillars of change2:21
The Encounter26:10
Grow the f*&^k up10:06
Attachment patterns and energy17:18
Our childhood memories and our pain-cycle27:53
Breaking the pain-cycle25:31
Contain your partner’s bad behaviour11:58
Frustration dialogue14:20
Caring behaviours3:23
Continuing your journey2:15
Final thoughts4:25

Material Includes

  • 12 Video Sessions
  • 12 Downloadable Worksheets
  • Practical Exercises