Experience a new level of connection

Through my CouplesHelp at Home online marriage courses, I teach you some powerful practical tools to help you grow as two adults and understand – and then evolve - the role you each play in your marriage dynamic. To feel more connected. More vitally alive and fulfilled.

From my years of experience in this field, I’ve handpicked a series of exercises and rituals to empower you to see your marriage from a completely fresh perspective. My approach is unconventional but rooted in the latest scientific approaches and the wisdom of ancient global philosophies.

Each user-friendly series includes a series of videos and interactive exercises to equip you to change the course of your relationship journey.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

About Louis

I’m Louis, a relationship coach and therapist. In my profession, I’ve focused on theology, psychology, psychotherapy, Imago and Encounter-Centred Relationship Therapies and personality types. My passion is in teaching couples to reach real intimacy in their relationships.

I speak from experience. In my marriage, I’ve known desperate times of disconnection. My wife Elizma and I discovered that our intentions to simply love each other weren’t enough. We learned that we needed intentionality. We needed to be taught new ways to transcend those feelings of stuckness.

You see, you and your partner aren’t really mismatched. You’re stuck, and you don’t yet have the tools you need. I’ve yet to meet a couple that doesn’t want to figure out how to make it work. No matter how bad our disconnection, we all want to overcome it - we just don’t know how. 

Until now.